Lucky Ali concert

Just came back from a Lucky Ali concert. Whoa! That guy is good. Really is. Most of the stuff I have been to has been loud and/or upbeat. But Lucky Ali was kind of mellow. Soft and soothing. Though some people still found reasons to leave their seats and jump about. But as far as I go, it was delight. No making the crowd wait. No dramas in between songs. Just solid music. His voice is good. It has depth and is capable of singing the kind of lyrics his songs have. There is also his distinctive style of song-making with them little no meaning rhymes thrown in between, just to make it all palatable. Altogether, a very satisfying blend. And I have to mention his band too! There was this amazing flautist. He was the soul of the music. Besides him there were two guitarists, a drummer and a percussionist. The base guitarist had weird rasta hair! Pretty darn cool. And he played mean too. Then there was this lead guitarist. He was on an acoustic! He played very beautifully, interspersing some very corny, but effective and tricky leads and riffs with good arpeggios and chords. The final point being, these guys gelled, and the outcome was some good soulful music.


  1. Hi..... I am a HUGE lucky Ali fan. Was searching the internet to see if he has any concerts going on. Can you help me to understand from where i can get this info??

  2. we got something for u.... come 2 NIT silchar on 5th of april'09...Lucky ali will b performing live onstage....