The Freeze

Today's been so damn frustrating. Outright crazy. I have this thing to do. This programming which is kind of like my final project for my degree. And today I had set a major target, because tomorrow I have to meet my guide. I tried to sit and work. A million times. I can't. I'd rather sleep, read, strum, bowl, listen to music etc. But nopes. Can't get my darn head to think of the problem at hand. Gosh, if only there was some pill you pop in and all your energies get diverted to that singlemostest onliest thing you wish to focus on. F@%$.
Watched a string of movies recently. Training Day, Vanilla Sky, Hamlet (the direct from Shakespeare 1948 Academy Award Winner thing). Boy! Hamlet was hard to understand. It's a two hour movie, and I was able to complete it only after around four hours. It's all Shakespeare man. I still don't get some of the dialogues!! But it was fun, for sure. And the direction and acting are just awesome.
String reminds me. I am going to buy a rosary! The other day I found myself treating my key ring as if it were a rosary. So yea, let's see what I do with the real thing. Fun fun!! But it will be around a week before I go out to get it. So yea, till then there's keyrings and keyboards and stuff.

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