Unreal expectations?
Dilli has put on its best weather in weeks! Rain. Cool breeze. And yet. There's people here who are not charmed. Who carry a desert with them. Nothing less than the sea turning itself upside down would satisfy their parched appetites. Perhaps, this is the secret of so many deserts dragging themselves around these streets nowadays
Reasons can always be found
  • To stall
    Because there's always something better to do on the internet! Of course
  • To end calls
    Because you know what is going to be said next anyway
  • To avoid certain conversations
    Like 'unconsciously forgetting' topics, never to take them up again
Let not familiarity breed contempt. Let not familiarity set itself up at all! Twisted thing this - familiarity. So yea. The lesser the better
The little rain comes
and the little rain goes
  • How does one become interesting?
  • What itch causes scratch-the-keypad-every-five-minutes syndrome?
  • Why do some people need more communication than others?
I am sorry Mr. Rain. For insulting you so



I didn't know such modes of desperation existed. Trying to smell through a telephone. Axis bank ATM pauses.

Voices. Memories. In little flashes. At bus stops. In bed. During conversations. The most dangerous ones, while driving.

Why the sad phase? Brighten up!
No no. Not in blood red! In nicer shades please.

I wish I was a telepathic-headache-curer.