A lot of oysters but no pearls

Arranged marriages love marriages. NFS Most Wanted. Travelling at night. Playlist turned very low. City lights. Bus window without a pane. Chennai suburb. Winter winds. Darkness. Scary subway. Lessons in making अंडा curry. चपातियाँ बेलना. Listening to someone explain their first love - history and all. Application forms at 12 at night. Reading a given blog for the 5th time. One paragraph without me. Damn. Here we go ...

Where the hell are you?


Coffee at 0500

Sleepless night. Old friends. Old times. Chit chat. 28. Bitching. Coffee at 0500. Blog at 0730.


The hours come falling down. And the days are candle wicks.
The rain. The wind.
To and fro. Our leaflet dreams under a crazy sunrise.
And in the middle of all that commotion.
The grain of sand.
That blows inside me. Outside.