Banana Pancakes

Looking back a couple of blogs, I realised this is turning out to be a crib thing for me. Too much I don't like this. I hate that. "Clever" sarcasm etc. Trash.
So this blog is about the stuff I have liked over the past few days.

The sound of the electric in the music room. Especially when I turn the amp up. And there was a couple of folks come to tell me it was good. Killed me. Right there.
Rediscovered my love for playing cards. He ho ho. Trying to learn a new game. Twenty Eight. Man do they treat novices like shit around here. Whatever. Fun.
Oh the joy! Attending all the classes in a given week. Wheeeee. Without getting bored or dozing off in a single one, I mean.
Watching movies. Watched 'Stranger than Fiction' yesterday. Emma Watson. Very powerful. Very talented. Very beautiful too!
Playing table tennis.
Playing with cats. Ocassional dogs and deer. Gosh. Realised how beautiful the word 'mrignayini' is. Damn. Them eyes. Large and kind and not dangerous and simple.
Coffee at dusk. With a little piece of overpriced plum cake.
Reading. Social science and Postmodernism. Muhahaha. Fuck off Gaussian Optics.
Planning for the entire week, taking into account the fact that the plan is never going to be followed. Believe me, it's quite a challenge to plan that way.
Watching Death-o-notto.
Listening to Mr. Vai and realising what his eccentric fiddling means. Really. It is not just a mad genius unleashing his fantasy. Every slide. Every bend. Every title. Thought out like an elaborate Tolstoy-ian plot. And yet. Not quite as clean as Tolstoy. Quite dark at times. Twisted. Only to emerge a masterpiece. Whew. I am biased!
Configuring Linux. It's simply lovely!! You get to choose every damn detail of your system.
O yea! And listening to Jack Johnson. Thank you Inta, for the introduction. The Horizon has been Defeated always intrigues me. And yea. I understand Flake. Other ties. Eh. Not that dumb eh.
But I'm so tired of trying.

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