You're everybody's satellite

I want to let go. The thing is I don’t know how. Now I understand. The microbes don’t mean no harm. They just want to get noticed. Or maybe they’re really angry. Listening to Counting Crows is no way to beat the blues. But they’re fine company. Duritz is a weeper. It feels terrible to know that you're blowing up 5.5 grand on getting embarrassed and there's nothing you can do about it. Playing 28 is a bliss. I wonder if tea will ever taste the same again. If I could only have some more time. If only many things about me were not true. If only I was visible. If only the whole world was upside down and the seasons worked reverse and Finland was a south-Indian state and Louis was not so mean and you promised, then, I'd keep you like a scar. Forever.

Recovering the satellites - Counting Crows

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