Cholera in the time of Love


Knowing many, loving none
Bearing sorrow, having fun
But back home he'll always run
to sweet Melissa

I like the word gypsy. I feel like a gypsy. Also, I don't think I want to be indifferent any more. In fact, I am tired of indifference, within and without. But then, isn't indifference a sign of gypsydom?

Whee. That's the new buzz word. Say it when you cross the road. When you eat a chocolate. Shake hands. When you're running on a treadmill. Riding a bike, your features twisted by the wind. Go whee.
And then. Think of me


Amidst a bad cold and a terrible body ache, one realises how foolish it is to forget the little box of Vicks.
I think I am suddenly afraid of growing old alone


Are the French tawdry? No no! Not you!! Sweetheart?
Why is it that I must play the fool every time I see you? Maybe I shouldn't see you then? I still remember the construct, verbatim. You had said "I am terribly". It was quite funny at the time. I thought you'd complete it later and you thought it was as complete as
I am not going to look. I am not going to make it - tawdry? Anyway, where the hell did I get this word from in the first place? Tawdry. It is as stupid a word as can be. Taw-dry. T-aw-d-ree. Broken down, it is still as vile. Vile. Vai-l. V-a-ee-l. Hmpf. So much for sanity. See. That's how dumb you make me.
All this. For a guitar? Or maybe a pack of strings? And who will fix the intonation? My goodness. I dread the coming Saturday when I will have to fix you. Fix you. Coldplay?


This is one of my worst crashes. My wings are crooked. My security systems have failed. My rudder is twisted. And my radar's jammed dead. I'm plane old crashing into this desert that is the weekend. I can't tell the earth from the sky. The sky from the sea. And then there's you and me. And all the stupid things there be. Between we. You see. I have finally. Turned. Loony.


Melissa - Allman Brothers Band
Apologies to all the folks to whom I mailed the word.

Ruth Marie - Mark Kozelek

Fix You - Coldplay

Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver

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