The Northern Lights

Anyone here like the smell of capsules? Yea. The regular red and yellow and blue and what not coloured thingies with bitter powder inside them. Today lunchtime I realised I need to smell, and possibly eat a capsule. Hm. I wonder what it means. Do I actually like capsules or is it just another brain wave gone awry? Whatever. Everything we think is a brain wave gone awry. Otherwise they would only travel in straight lines out of our forheads. Pretty much like sunbeams, only not so bright or useful. So basically all our thoughts are aurora.
I received two lovely little cards today. One of them has the Revontulet on it. Beautiful.
Last night I slept well. Less, around 4 hours, but well. I even dreamt about something. I think.
I have re-fallen in love with Image Processing. And Counting Crows. But never watch their videos. Duritz is sad-eyed.
O yea. I finally bought them slippers. Bata. So I am a slipper-borrower no more. Yay!


  1. "Everything we think is a brainwave gone awry...all our thoughts are aurora." - so effing, unbelievably true! so so so true. loved it.
    thanks for bringing me back to reading and writing introspection, today. needed it!

  2. ^_^ so then do i expect a post today?