of forgetting ...

today. someone i'd remember even in my sleep, forgot my name. and instead, called me by what i actually mean to them. it hurts like hell. fuck.

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  1. You see things in a way that some people may not be able to see them. Sometimes, that is good and other times, not so good. Everything is not your fault. Everything can be beautiful. Everything has at least one beautiful thing about it, just as everything has one nasty, ugly, and sick thing about it.
    You are spaztic and amazing. You are cute to watch when you begin to pick up speed as you talk after some grand idea has popped into your head.
    You will find her some day. "SOME DAY", I scream into the world for you so it will listen even more closely and take you to her even faster.
    You will find your home someday, you nomad, and it will be fitting for you. Just as insane, crazy, wild, smart, fun, exploratory, perverse, amazing, wonderful, sweet, romantic, dear, adorable, intelligent, and fantastic as you.
    I call you your name, along with terms of endearment, such as honey, sweetie, sugar, and yes, even dork and nerd. I will always call you something dear or important to me and never forget your name.