Elec Nite

Here's to walking out halfway through an adieu party .
Here's to remembrances. To people who half-exist. Who drive you out of your own. Drive you towards a cup of coffee. Toward a lonely evening with a table lamp.
Here's to running away from freedom.
Here's to 'You're the closest to heaven that I've ever been. And I don't want to miss you right now'.
Here's to incorrect lyrics that sound better than the correct.
Here's to running into yourself. Again and again.
Here's to being struck. Being sleepless. Being used. Being unused.
Here's to wanting. Here's to not getting. Here's to nowhere and no how.
Here's to council from the deads and the fools. To the warmth in their company. To the reassurance in their wretchedness.

Here's to all that. And to silences broken by tch-tchs from a keyboard.


  1. so you mean we never stop running into ourselves? im counting on avoiding myself for a while, in a while.

  2. yeaps. we never stop running into ourselves.
    don't worry, the grindstone people are capable of stalling themselves for extended periods of time. could never understand why they'd want to do that though.
    advice - stay away from mirrors and friendly spirits

  3. this is going to be my favorite post for a while.